Ultimate Guide on Which Kindle to Buy In Singapore [Updated 2020]

Kindle specs comparison

Key questions to ask before deciding which Kindle to buy

1. Do you need water proofing?

If you want a water proof Kindle, go for the Paperwhite or Oasis. They have waterproof (IPX8)

It's perfect for lounging at the pool or the sea. 

2. Do you want a higher resolution screen?

If yes, go for the Paperwhite or Oasis.
They both have 300ppi resolution (nearly double that of the basic), and provide better clarity and screen contrast.

*It's not highly noticable on day to day readying - but might make a difference if you're reading things like manga

3. Do you want a flushed screen / front design?

If yes, go for the Paperwhite or Oasis.

The Kindle Basic has a bezel that is not flushed with the screen i.e. the screen is recessed beneath the bezel.

For a cleaner look where the screen is perfectly straight or flushed, for the the Paperwhite/Oasis.
It's also not a big deal if you don't mind it - then go for the Kindle basic

4. Do you want a slightly larger screen?

If yes, go for the Oasis.

It has a 7 inch screen vs 6inch for the Paperwhite and Basic.

*Editor's comments: for reading text, a 6inch screen works just fine 90% of the time

5. Do you want the absolute best?

If yes, go for the Oasis.It has additional features like:

  • Adjustable light colour temperate- to change screen shade from white to amber
  • Physical page turn buttons (the paperwhite/basic turns by tapping on the screen)
  • Ergonomic design - it features a nook where you can comfortable hold the Kindle

Conclusion: Editor Recommendations

First off, here is how the prices stacks up:

- Kindle Paperwhite: $205

- Kindle Basic: $130

- Kindle Oasis: $465

The perfect balance - Kindle Paperwhite.

It strikes the perfect balance between features and price.
For $205, you get almost everything you really need - including backlight, 8gb of memory, a flushed screen, and waterproofing.

The Rolls Royce - Kindle Oasis

It's no exaggeration to say that the Oasis is the Rolls Royce of Kindle.
You get absolutely everything you can want from a Kindle - including a bigger screen, different colour temperate shades, page turn buttons, and ergomonic design. If you can afford it, this is the absolute best option.

The Budget option - Kindle Basic

For $130, its one a great device to get started on your eBook reading journey.

The only drawback is that, compared to the Paperwhite, you lose some really useful features like; waterproofing, 4GB of memory, and a beautiful flushed screen

*Editor's comments: for reading text, a 6inch screen works just fine 90% of the time

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