Kindle WIFI vs Kindle 3G. Do you need one the Kindle 3g in Singapore?

Simple answer. Do not get the Kindle 3G in Singapore

So Amazon produces Kindles with 2 connectivity options.

WIFI Only, or with 3G.

The basic models (be they the kindle Basic, paperwhite or Oasis ) all come with Wifi. And then there is the 3G version, which typically cost $70USD more – around $105 SGD.

Then question then is, what the “Free 3G” do and is it worth it?
Let us look at the differences between the two models.

First thing first, this 3G is different from the 3G that you are accustomed on tablets.

There is no sim card slot – rather, the 3G is built into the device and provided by Amazon for free (through agreements with telcos. word wide).
No extra data cost needs to be incurred beyond the device cost.

WOW! Free data, sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?
Not really.

You can’t surf the internet on this free 3G.

This free data doesn’t include internet access to serve the net.


Even if it does, I don’t recommend you do it on the Webkit browser.
The kindle is just not optimised for web serving. Keep to your phones/tablets for that!

So what can it do?

Well, it allows you to sync and purchase books on the go.

And that’s about it. Nothing else.

So to answer the question – NO it’s not worth it to get a Kindle with 3G.

You are essentially paying $100 for the ability to buy books from Amazon anywhere, which let’s be honest, doesn’t happen that often.

It makes much more sense to simply get the Wifi version and connect to a hotspot whenever you get a chance