Kindle Paperwhite VS Kindle Oasis. Which should you buy? [Updated 2020]

There used to be a very pronounced difference between the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis.

The Gen 2 Kindle Paperwhite had a screen resolution of 212ppi vs Oasis’s 300ppi.

The main factor determining which to buy was clear; while Paperwhite is a more than adequate model,  get the Oasis if you want the best and a higher resolution screen.

However, with the release of the Gen 3 Paperwhite that also boasts a resolution of  300ppi, what then is the main reason to get the Oasis over it?

Difference between Paperwhite and Oasis:

While the Paperwhite now has the same screen resolution, the Oasis is a more premium device without par.
The main differences between the Paperwhite and Oasis is that essentially, the Oasis is a higher end model with better screen and overall finish.

 Without overloading you with all the technical details, this is a summary of the main differences:

  • Built-in Lighting
    Paperwhite – Manual adjusting
    Oasis – Automatic (Adaptive lighting) Manual adjusting
  • Body
    Paperwhite – Plastic body with soft touch back

Oasis – Magnesium body with Hardened Glass Screen
Additionally, the Oasis’s glass screen sits flushed the body while the Paperwhite’s screen is recessed into the body.

  • Page Turn
    Paperwhite – Touchscreen
    Oasis – PagePress + Touchscreen

Ultimately, our take is that the Paperwhite is more than good enough for most reading needs. However, if you want the absolute best and have the budget, then the Oasis would be the model to go.