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Kindle Start-Up Guide

Local users often face the issue of being unable to access Amazon’s library and services because of its Kindle sales restriction in Singapore.

A user guide [crafted in local context given those restrictions] will be sent upon the purchase of a Kindle.

It covers step-by-step instructions to access Amazon’s services and useful tips to ensure you get the most out of your Kindle.



Free Kindle Ebooks

A Kindle is only as good as the books it contains.

Free E-books Collection

Upon your purchase, our library of over 200 e-books will be shared with you for free
This collection includes many classic titles and is sure to have something for everyone.

Obtaining Other Books

What happens if the book you’re interested in is not in the shared collection?
There are two options:

1) Purchase the book from Amazon’s e-book store

• Widest collection; the book you are looking for can almost certainly be found here
• Extremely convenient

2) Download from other free sources(similar to where the library was obtained)

• Usually free
• Can obtain books from more exotic sources
• Slightly more troublesome

A step-by-step guide will be provided on how to obtain books from both these methods.


Warranty Claims


Our Returns Policy lasts 5 days.
We offer a 1-to-1 exchange if your Kindle turns out to be defective (manufacturer’s defect) within five days of your purchase from us.

*For dead pixels and shadows, exchange is only valid if there are 3 or more dead pixels or if the shadow is darker than the text and is larger than 5cm x 5cm.


Amazon provides a one-year warranty for all its Kindle devices.
While the warranty is only supposed to cover the US region, it is still possible to get a replacement by engaging a US freight forwarder.

The process is slightly onerous and you will have to bear the two ways shipping costs.
Not to worry however, we will provide a sstep-by-step guide on how exactly to obtain the replacement from Amazon.

We are also ready to help answer any questions regarding the exchange process should you have any.

Local Warranty

If you prefer not to go through the fuss of an exchange, you can purchase our store’s local warranty.

We will exchange the Kindle for you should there by any defects with your Kindle.


Kindle After-sales Support

Buying a product without official support from its producer comes with some inevitable uncertainty.

Having been in the Kindle business for years, SG E-Readershop fully understands the ins and outs of using the Kindle in Singapore.

We are committed to providing you support and advice should you run into any problems.

Feel free to contact us at, leave us a message on the Zopim chat, or give us a call.

We’ll seek to get back to you as soon as possible.

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