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Japan VS USA Kindles Differences

  Damon SG E-reader Shop   May 20, 2014   Kindle FAQs and Comparisons   0 Comment

Japan vs USA Kindles comparison. How are they different?

The main difference is the lack of warranty for the Japan Kindles

Kindles generally comes from two country: US and Japan

While Amazon sell Kindles in many countries, imported Kindles mainly come from either the USA Amazon store or the Japan Amazon store.

Main difference? Availability of warranty and price

Regardless of which country your physical Kindle is from, you can set it to your chosen language and country Kindle store.

Importers typically can get the Japanese version at a cheaper price than the US ones because, in Japan, Amazon sells it at a loss to penetrate the e-book market.

However, the drawback is warranty coverage; Amazon services Kindles according to the country you purchased it from. If you get the Japanese set and it spoils, it is almost impossible to replace the device unless you can speak Japanese. With the US set, you can easily request for a replacement (though you’ll have to pay around $20 in two way shipping charges).

For this reason, SG E-Readershop only sells Kindles shipped directly from Amazon USA.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether that $5-10 savings you typically get from the Japan Kindle version is worth the loss in warranty.

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