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Kindle Paperwhite Gen 3 Covers


Local Warranty Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
  1. Local warranty is defined as replacing a hardware defective Kindle (as determined by Amazon Customer Support) through SG e-Readershop
  2. The warranty does not include software support as Amazon Customer Support will handle this even for Singapore based Kindle users
  3. A lead time of 2-4 weeks is required for the Kindle to be replaced
  4. The warranty is valid for a period of 11 months from date of delivery

For the warranty to be processed, customers must:

i. Be prepared to share access to the Amazon account where their Kindle is registered
ii. Be ready to show the box, which contains the serial number, of the device. A photo of the serial number (bottom label) will also suffice
iii. Have their purchase receipt (digital or otherwise)

Kindle Special Offers

What is Kindle with Special Offers?
A Kindle with Special Offers has:
  1. sponsored ads ONLY as Screensaver
  2. a tiny ad banner in the bottom of the home screen
There are absolutely no Pops-ups or ads when reading a books i.e. it does not intrude on the reading experience.

Should I get the Kindle with Special Offers?
We carry mainly the Special Offers version in order to bring the lowest price to you.
We recommend this cheaper version since the ads absolutely DO NOT APPEAR WHEN READING.
Most customers actually prefer the savings from the ads version.

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